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Not All Debts Are Bad

You may ask – what is the difference? “They are the same thing – loaning money I don’t have – I’d rather not risk my lifestyle having a debt!” The best way to define a “bad” debt, is when you borrow/ leverage money to purchase something that generates a loss (also known as a liability).… Read More »

Auto Loans: Top 5 Tips For The Best Rate

You've got your eye on that shiny new Lexus – okay, maybe it's a Kia, but it's perfect and you want it to be yours, all yours – as soon as possible. At the same time, you certainly do not want to be saddled with paying nearly double the car's value by the time you… Read More »

Bank Auto Loans – Best Loans for Stretch Commuters?

People have to work to survive. The desire to maintain incrementally indulgent lifestyles drives 13% of workers to travel over 100 miles a day to get to and from work. These so called "stretch commuters" make the majority of these trips by personal vehicle, but when it comes to trading in their tired cars for… Read More »

Student Loans and Credit Scores

Discussing family accounts as a way to build credit, it was stated that people starting out will typically have student loans as their first credit account, unless they obtain a car loan or credit cards tied to a family member with credit history. Student loans are a tricky area of ​​installation credit history because they… Read More »